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Handmade paper Artecnica /Earth-Friendly stars that will illuminate any surroundings with extraordinary beauty. These gorgeous paper lanterns are handmade in Goa, India, and sent with love for people to enjoy around the world. You can be assured that every lantern is produced under fair and eco-conscious conditions. Paper lanterns are handcrafted using natural materials and 100% wood-free and chlor-free bleached paper and include a high-temperature safety bulb protector.

Some designed to “twinkle” like stars in the night sky, others to cast mesmerizing shadows, and all of them bring fun and festivity to your home.

Each hand-printed and punched starlight lamp design is an original. Designs are developed by an international team of designers whose principles include ethical working conditions, fair wages and environmental sustainability.

Lanterns can be ordered with a 15 ft electrical cord kit, 110v, that is specially designed for the stars. Electrical cord is UL listed and GS-marketed for safety.

Starlightz are recognized by a red star label: A symbol that assures you safety, originality, and quality.


Diameter: 21 in / 53 cm
Depth: 8 in / 20 cm


Wood-free paper

Additional Information:

Made of wood-free paper

Socially & environmentally responsible production

Printed, punch and glued by hand

High-grade materials & craftmanship

UL listed and GS-marketed for safety

Recognize earth friendly starlightz by the red star label

60 Watt Incandescent Bulb or equivalent LED

Electrical cord sold separately

Flat Packed in a 4 color handsome envelope with assembly instructions.


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