Peppermint Tea


A cup of refreshing peppermint tea will revitalize you. Pure peppermint leaves and organic lemongrass offer a fresh and soothing herbal tea blend. Enjoy a cup of peppermint tea after dinner to ease digestion and cleanse your pallet. Try it iced for a cool and refreshing summer beverage! Your tin of tea includes 45 g of loose leaf tea, and includes a hand carved Kenyan tea spoon, making it perfect for gifts!

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Our Peppermint Tea is a Fair Trade loose leaf blend of aromatic herbs, hand-harvested by a Kenyan women’s co-op. When you choose tea from Justea, you support justice and jobs for family farms, and create a more sustainable world. These teas are not only grown with the earth in mind, but loose leaf teas also require less packaging, creating less waste! Each container can make 40 cups of delicious tea!

This Peppermint Tea is Fair Trade Certified and Non-GMO Verified, so you know you’re getting top quality tea that is good for you, farmers, and the planet!

Organic Lemongrass, Peppermint

Tasting Notes: Cool and Refreshing — Mint and Sweet Lemon

Caffeine: None

Includes: One hand-carved Kenyan tea spoon

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When you buy fair trade tea from JusTea, you are directly supporting these small-scale farmers in Kenya. JusTea is built on quality relationships with tea farmers, and has created over 200 jobs in rural Kenya! JustTea pays sustainable wages and is actively investing in rural communities to help farmers and their families.
Click here to meet the Kenyan farmers who grow and harvest your tea!



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