About Us

Kindred Fair Trade is an online shop that connects the people of the world through the sale of beautifully handmade goods.

At Kindred, we sell jewelry, clothing, bags, personal accessories, home décor, spiritual items, toys, chocolate, coffee, tea and more – all crafted by artisans in developing countries who lack economic opportunity. These talented men and women are able to provide for their families and lift themselves from poverty through the sale of their products to the United States and beyond. This connection through commerce is what can truly change the world for all.

Shoppers are able to find gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces that are made by-hand by a real person, and not by a machine in a sweat shop. Our items are fair trade, which means the artisans are given a fair wage, work in healthy conditions, and manage their natural resources sustainably. There is no forced child labor and the workers are provided with training and education to better their lives.

Our items make very special gifts that delight the receiver and make life better for someone in need. You can feel good knowing that your purchase is sustainability sourced and ethically made – the way it should be.

We have more in common than we realize. We may wear different clothes and live in different surroundings, but we are one humanity on this planet and we should care for each other. We are all Kindred.

Kindred Fair Trade

Phone:  707-579-1459
Email: shop@kindredfairtrade.com

Current Hours: 

Kindred is currently on a short hiatus between closing the physical store and relaunching this online shop. Stay tuned!